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Images Courtesy of Bob Sharples and Leanne Sedgwick

Splashography was born on the 27th August 2002 originally as a site to put on a few images of my surfing buddies which I used to shoot before or after a surf.
However surfing for me came to an abrupt end in the spring of 2004 after a spider bite brought me the eventual gift of sever Aggressive Rheumatoid Arthritis.
The disease put me in a wheelchair for over a year until I was finally accepted as one of the first in the South West to be given Anti TNF Treatment, but not before heavy anti inflammatory drugs had helped bring about a massive heart attack in 2005.
Thankfully Breathing excercises and healthy strong lungs from a lifelong career as a singer/songwriter and fitness from my surfing kept me going while they stented the coronoray arteries and got me back to some kind of health. Hydrotherapy and a heavy physiotherapy built up the strength in my leg muscles and I was soon back to my feet and with the help of a stick managed to get myself down the beaches to walk on sand and shoot a few images of the guys I used to surf with.

In those dark days My Surf Photography was the light to my salvation.. I'd lost the use of my hands as far as being a musician was concerned, and my voice was broken with all the steroids pumped into me for the Arthritis and my heart.. It was obvious from the damage to joints that I would never surf again so the closest I got to the thrill of surfing was through my lens which took me right out the back to wait for the waves and follow the surfers down the face.. It gave me the same or a very similar adrenoline rush and I found a way back through my photography.
Some 5 years on from then I'm as dedicated as ever and endeavour to get out and shoot anything happening in the Ocean whatever the weather..
If its too windy for surf then I'm out with the sailors and Kitesurfers and if everything goes flat you'll find me up one of the rivers following my hobby in my small boat shooting Wildlife and river life.

I have so much to be grateful for these days and I know only too well how precious life is and its because of this that its almost an obsession to cram as much into a days shooting as is humanly possible.. Thankfully I have a great team around me, not least headed by my Wonderful wife and best friend Leanne, and when the chips get low they're there to help me back up.
My disease worsened in 2009 and got out of control again..
I started on Chemotheraphy in August with 2 sessions 2 weeks apart.. things began to look up a bit in November for which I was grateful having missed the best of the year...and by the end of November it was getting hold again and I've just undergone another session and a second infusion will be on the 8th january.
The Chemotherapy depletes my B Cells and as such leaves me with no immune system but no immune system means it can't attack my joints..so if you have any infection, please keep a good distance from me especially at the vulnerable times like now..

I love my work, I get the same emotions on no surf days as I did when I was surfing myself and becuase I use what I do as diversion therapy I find my pain is lessened by the thrill of some good surf to shoot. PLus I have less time to think about it :)

So thats where I'm coming from these days.. if you see me hobbling about you get the picture of why, if you don't see me at all then I'm struggling to get there cos come rain or shine if I can get to the beach you'll find me there.. somewhere :)

Photo by Sarah Bunt

So how did I originally get into Photography??

Hard to say where it all began , I kinda grew up around Cameras and photographic equipment as my Father was a photographer. My earliest recollections of working with images are the times my sister and I used to take sheets of photographic paper from Dad's Darkroom and stand objects on them on the windowsill until the paper turned black, then we could see what we'd created.
Dad soon put a stop to that and showed me how to develop and fix the images so they'd stay as they were instead of simply becoming a Black sheet in a few moments.
It wasn't long after that he gave me my first Real camera, an old Agfa Bellows camera but at 9 yrs old it was something to treasure.
I won my first 35mm Camera in a competition run by Kodak with a photograph taken of Sir Jimmy Saville with the May Queens past and present at a gala we went to. I was 10yrs old and received an award from Kodak for the image 'the once and future Queen'
As I got older dad would take me to the Photographic club with him, and we'd go off for weekends taking photographs in the rural Lake district and I began to get a real thrill from nature and the many images I could create.

All that seems so long ago now and things have moved on dramatically, and in an age of Computers and Digital equipment I found a new medium to express myself with and invested in a Professional Digital SLR Camera to enjoy a much loved pastime.

I don't profess to be half the photographer my father was, but as he always said, if you enjoy what you're doing then do it. And I do enjoy the results that come from a day wandering along cliff tops or by the sea so here are some of my photographs for you to enjoy.

Sadly I lost my father in August of 2003, though in his last 2 years he did enjoy seeing some of my images and I like to think he was proud of the eye for beauty he gave me. I inherited his photographic equipment and this more than anything has prompted me to put together some of my Online Galleries in his Memory, he loved the Sea, as my mother often said 'Another Ship?' he must have photographed them all in his time.

well thats me, thats what I'm about and my only aim is to share with you some of the images I have enjoyed taking, if you'd like to purchase any of the images drop me a line, it will help to finance the site and many more galleries.

Thanks for dropping by.

Mel Sedgwick A Member of the Bureau of Freelance Photographers Member of the Royal Photographic Society

Photo Courtesy of Kernow Whitlock - Many thanks







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