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We've decided to throw it open to you guys to design a team rider logo for SPLASHOGRAPHY SURF PHOTOGRAPHY to go on the surfboards of our Team riders for their 2013 season.
There's some Fantastic Prizes in store for the winner and runners up
So get out your pencils (or computer Graphics program) and get designing
Nothing too intricate please.. remember they must be able to be cut and stay on the boards

ENTRIES TO info@splashography.com or just give it to me or Leanne at the Van or Splashbus2 #The Honda Odyssey

GREAT PRIZES FOR ALL.. All chosen designs will receive a cut decal of their design for their efforts PLUS! up to a 12" Dia or square Design of their own creation or choice for their own boards (Non Splashography) created in Self adhesive 7 year marine vinyl to your own spec.


We'll be looking for some SPLASH POSERS for our Pick of the Day section so if ya see us out there give us a smile, a wink, a thumbs up or a chakka and leave us your name and or email so we can contact you as we will be putting all our SPLASH POSERS into a monthly
Free draw Contest for a T shirt and runners up prizes..SEE BELOW:)

Okay so you've seen yourself on our PICK OF THE DAY page, and you're wondering does that make you a SPLASH POSER?
Well no actually, to qualify as a SPLASH POSER you need to be caught waving at us smiling winking showing a sign like the peace sign or Chakka..or at least definately catching our full attention.
If you're featured on our PICK OF THE DAY page, and you've Qualified as a SPLASH POSER, drop us an email so we can enter your name into our draw at the end of the Month when we'll be drawing our winner and runners up. Winners will receive a Free T Shirt or similar, Runners up prizes will vary.

So do it Now and Get SPLASH POSING just give us a shout when you see us out shooting and show us your pose while we snap your picture.. Join in the fun and win win win.. you don't even have to be a member to qualify..








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